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Eva Longoria Denies Avengers Casting Rumor

During the period until tonights Golden Globe ceremony, E! Ryan Seacrest Onlines geek earned some credit when he won the actress Eva Longoria red carpet events to ask the item shes in the running for a role in both early Wonders superhero team-up film, The Avengers.
15.1.09 18:35

Quot Punisher Nbsp War Zone Quot

B Beast wana torments animals Brave and the Bold . The Dark Knight by the appointment of another and Punisher becomes a DVD date. Rourke confirmed plans Bring It All. Another screenshot of 360 that Wolverine game. Haley talks Watchmen. Internet talks This Transformers 2 is your Comics2Film roundup for 9.1.13.. Watchmen shares are preparing to do so.
15.1.09 18:35

Quot Boring Quot Ashley Tisdale

I hope that when I leave the set I m not as if Sharpay! . Ashley, 23, has also proved really miss playing Sharpay - the last year, High School Musical 3: Senior Year was the last film in the franchise. He said: I don t drink and I do not t smoke. I m kind of boring. I m not a good clubbers and I never have been. L actress - who found fame as world players Sharpay Evans in High School Musical movie franchise-like focus on his work to leave the party with his friends. I love working - I love doing what I do. I like to be creative and then go home. The High School Musical kids are really good and we like to keep that part of our normal. Stepping into someone else shoes is what acting is all about. He added: Sharpay is very fun to play because it is the exact opposite of me.
15.1.09 18:35

Courtney Love Ran Away From The Circus

. Someone call the Ringling Bros. L former Hole singer rang in the new year in a bizarre, raggedy ensemble that defies description beyond scary. Oh no, wait, that only Courtney Love s, which have demonstrated the ability to shock and awe with his unique sense of fashion. The 44-year-old retired musician and budding cyber-stalker has a shopping with a (possibly court-ordered) male escort in Malibu on Sunday. People, which presents itself as one of their acts fled and is now roaming wild in Malibu.
15.1.09 18:35

Drury And Dawes Score In 2nd To Lift Rangers

It was a little scrambly. . Out in the New York Ranger took advantage of third string goalkeeper and escaped with a 2-1 win Tuesday night. It was a thrill a minute, Rangers coach Tom Renney said sarcastically. TheNew York Islander led the game for most of the first period and hunted in net frantic final seconds of the third looking to tie the goal.
15.1.09 18:35


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